About University

The College of Architecture and Design provides students with hands-on architecture and design classes guided by our experienced faculty members. The courses cover skills needed to succeed as a project designer, visualization specialist, or building information management (BIM) designer, among other related professions.

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Students engage with the principles, traditions, and requirements of buildings and interior and exterior design.

To contribute to a distinctive increase in the standards of architecture and design in the national and regional built environment.

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The psi-upsilon-ubc College of Architecture and Design aims to establish itself as the foremost educational institution in the realm of Architecture and Interior Design within the region. Our commitment extends to the preservation of our architectural legacy, environment, and cultural heritage.

We hold the belief that upcoming architects and designers possess the potential to bring about constructive transformations in how we perceive the constructed world.

Our objective is to equip our students with the tools to embrace this responsibility, empowering them to play an engaged role in shaping both local and global built landscapes, architectural domains, and design spheres.

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Our aspiration is to evolve into a globally renowned institution that excels in both education and practical application, fostering a dynamic learning atmosphere and facilitating valuable collaborations between the fields of architecture, design, and industry.



Fostering practice-oriented education for exceptional architects and designers of international caliber, dedicated to shaping innovative and adaptable built environments that cater to evolving social demands.



  • To achieve high level of creativity in architecture and design
  • To create a motivating learning environment that helps student become a contributor in society
  • To support students with the technical and thinking skills to achieve distinguished outcomes
  • To empower the graduates with communication skills to be influencers in their communities